Work for Disney?


First off let me say, my favorite thing about this subreddit is the up and down vote mickeys…amazing.

Second, I’ve been trying to figure out for years how to get my foot in the door of working for my favorite company on the planet. I figured this subreddit likely has super fans and current and past cast members. I live in New Jersey and I wanted to find out if anyone has any advice for working for disney, more specifically for their corporate offices as opposed to the parks since I’m located in NJ and there is a severe lack of Disney parks up here (aka none) I do, however, live near NYC where I know a lot of corporate jobs for Disney are located. Any little points in the right direction would be helpful!

P.s. is anyone from outside of florida/not an AP holder planning on attempting to go to the Disney parks this year? I miss the parks so much 🙁

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