Won’t Work for Perverts

When the war was hot in Viet Nam the use of dogs for scouting became another tool to get the bad guys. Usually they walked on point ahead of the troops with their handler who kept them on a stout leather leash and walked a few paces behind the dog. These dogs were trained to be very aggressive in seeking out the bad guys and with snarls and fangs they went after anyone who came too close. The dogs were trained to be viscous and attack with or without command when they encountered a strange smelling human.

Between missions the dogs and their handlers stayed in some tents near where I was staying and I got to know some of the handlers but never the dogs. They did not like anyone coming close to them and were always ready to attack. being held by a thick leather leash whenever they were out of their cage. The dogs were used to the noise of explosions and gun fire and some of them had purple hearts from wounds received in fire fights. These dogs were not like the friendly animals you see in a Disney movie. They were mean and the handlers encouraged their aggression any way they could, they were trained as man hunters and only males. They were selected for the Scout program. They proved to be very effective, sniffing out ambushes before the men were aware of them while fearlessly assaulting any enemy they saw or sensed.

As this was a rear fire base away from the frontlines and the jungle and fairly secure from assaults, the men and dogs got a little in-country rest and a break from the constant patrolling they were doing while out in the field. They could kick back and have a beer and relax from the constant tension of being alert in the bush while always looking for booby traps and ambushes… on these breaks from the war the dogs never seemed to relax and everyone stayed away from them. They would growl and get ready to attack unless the handler pulled them back.

Some of the handlers would masturbate their dogs to get them to bond closer to the handler.. One time the handler was taking care of his dog when a new hootch maid happened upon them. She went directly to the first sergeant and informed him in a loud voice that she would not work for Perverts… She was transferred to another Hootch and no more was heard from her about Perverts.

Source by Peter K Zeller

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