Why Plush Or Stuffed Toys Are Better Than Other Toys

One of the best toys to give to your children, are stuffed and plush toys. The reason being is because they are cuddly, they comfort you, they look good and many people collect them as collectibles. Children nowadays want the latest stuffed and plush toys; e.g. stuffed toys from the latest video games, the latest anime (Japanese cartoons), TV shows and movies. Stuffed toys can also be used to express themselves emotionally and creatively. Now this is all good and all but are stuffed toys better for our kids than other toys?

According to research, playing with plush and stuffed toys can help children in many ways. The child can imagine that the stuffed toy is like a friend which they can share their thoughts, emotions, dreams or troubles. By providing your child with many stuffed toys, the child will be more creative and imaginative by giving each toy a different personality and name. As a result the child will improve their social skills and be more confident; which does not mean that toys will replace real people but in fact will help the child build confidence in meeting with other children.

Toys can act as real people for children and they will involve them in all their daily activities from eating, talking and sleeping etc. Children, who have no siblings or have busy parents, will find comfort in their toys and they will become their companion and keep them company during the day.

Studies also state that by playing with stuffed toys rather than general toys the child will show different sets of behaviour. Children with stuffed toys are seen to be more empathetic, less agitated and show good behaviour towards their parents and siblings. They also develop a very positive and confident attitude towards life.

Playing with stuffed and plush toys can also have a calm and soothing effect on kids.

What stuffed toys are suitable for your child?

Animal stuffed toys are most popular and are given to many children around the world. They are widely accepted among babies and young children; the toys can also vary in different shapes and animals. Some of the commonly known plush animals are teddy bears, cats, dogs etc.

Another popular form of stuffed toy is those from video games, movies and anime (Japanese cartoons). Children who play video games love stuffed toys from Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokémon. Recent movies such as Disney’s BOLT and PIXAR’s Wall-E have their own stuffed toys which are popular with kids. Naruto and Bleach are Japanese anime shows which have stuffed toys that are also popular and

trendy at the moment.

Plush animals come in different sizes ranging from tiny cute ones to huge jumbo size. When choosing a plush toy, it should be selected depending upon the child’s choice, their likes and dislikes. Selecting a plush toy is difficult so, it is important to involve the child in the decision making process.

When purchasing toys for toddlers and babies, the toy has to chosen with extra care where there are no hazards or dangers to your child.

A child’s smile is always guaranteed when selected a thoughtful and well suited plush toy.

Source by Tinh Nguyen

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