We found out what Australia is saying about The Lion King

We found out what Australia is saying about The Lion King

The verdict is in for Disney’s The Lion King.

After months of watching trailers, behind the scenes videos and listening to the soundtrack on repeat, it’s safe to say the anticipation for Disney’s The Lion King was high. Very high.

We chatted to fans at the Sydney premiere of The Lion King to find out what everyone’s saying about the new film. Using words like “extraordinary” and “amazing” to describe the experience of watching The Lion King, fans couldn’t hold back their smiles as they gushed about the classic film.

“I got goosebumps, bringing back so many memories of my childhood,” one fan reveled.

Pumbaa and Timon were (unsurprisingly) still fan favourite characters, while Mufasa’s death still brought a tear to the eye (or perhaps more accurately, floods of tears!)

“Even though you know it’s coming it still hits you,” one fan admitted.

No surprise Hakuna Matata still gets the crowd grooving. Check out the video to hear fans’ best rendition of the classic song.

The Lion King is in cinemas now. Get you tickets now.

Check out some of the looks that hit the red carpet in the gallery below.

Check out this behind the scenes video where the cast of The Lion King reveal what it’s like to work on the iconic film.


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