Watched and rated every WDAS movie

I’ve been watching one movie a week for roughly a year, and rated them all as I watched them. In retrospect, I wish I had added a little review in there to actually give my ratings some substance, but I didn’t really think of it when I started. I would add some now, but since it’s been over a year since I saw some of these I wouldn’t really have much to say based on memory alone.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1/10
Pinocchio 3/10
Fantasia 1/10
Dumbo 1/10
Bambi 3/10
Saludos Amigos 5/10
The Three Caballeros 6/10
Make Mine Music 6/10
Fun & Fancy Free 5/10
Melody Time 4/10
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad 6/10
Cinderella 6/10
Alice in Wonderland 6/10
Peter Pan 7/10
Lady and the Tramp 8/10
Sleeping Beauty 6/10
101 Dalmatians 7/10
The Sword in the Stone 7/10
The Jungle Book 6/10
The Aristocats 5/10
Robin Hood 6/10
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 3/10
The Rescuers 6/10
The Fox and the Hound 7/10
The Black Cauldron 7/10
The Great Mouse Detective 7/10
Oliver & Company 8/10
The Little Mermaid 9/10
The Rescuers Down Under 7/10
Beauty and the Beast 8/10
Aladdin 10/10
The Lion King 10/10
Pocahontas 7/10
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 10/10
Hercules 7/10
Mulan 10/10
Tarzan 9/10
Fantasia 2000 5/10
Dinosaur 6/10
The Emperor’s New Groove 8/10
Atlantis: The Lost Empire 6/10
Lilo & Stitch 10/10
Treasure Planet 6/10
Brother Bear 7/10
Home on the Range 4/10
Chicken Little 3/10
Meet the Robinsons 5/10
Bolt 8/10
The Princess and the Frog 7/10
Tangled 8/10
Winnie the Pooh (2011) 5/10
Wreck-It Ralph 9/10
Frozen 7/10
Big Hero 6 8/10
Zootopia 9/10
Moana 10/10
Ralph Breaks the Internet 7/10
Frozen 2 7/10

Yup I am constantly getting hate for how long I rated the early films, and I’d love to get some more here. But, seriously though, some indepth discussion would be nice. I didn’t really like these very much at all (with a few exceptions) until the Renaissance era. Then they lost me again in the mid 2000’s, and won me back in the 2010’s.

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