Walt Disney World Golf Continues Its Commitment to Supporting and Enhancing Local Environment

Walt Disney World Golf Continues Its Commitment to Supporting and Enhancing Local Environment

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Walt Disney World Golf

Walt Disney World Golf blog gave us an update today on some of the Earth Day 2021 efforts. Highlighting the new Purple Martin nesting structures at Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course, near the 10th tee box and the 14th green.

Purple Martins are the largest members of the Swallow family and breed throughout much of North America, though their numbers have declined in Florida in recent decades. They annually migrate several thousand miles from Brazil in South America, through Central America and the Caribbean, and arrive here in Central Florida from January to March.

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We have shown a spotlight on Epcot’s efforts over the years, and the many structures for nests throughout Future World and the World Showcase. This is the first year for the golf course nesting, and it seems they are already seeing results.

Nesting Structure

The birds have begun nesting this year, and in partnership with Disney Conservation, Walt Disney World Golf team members check the nests weekly and monitor the progress of each purple martin pair and their chicks. Over 100 eggs have been laid and chicks have begun to hatch!

Once they have hatched, purple martin chicks take about a month to grow up until they are ready to leave the nest and fly! At the end of the nesting season, they will begin their migration back to South America in June to July, as our summer begins. Purple Martins tend to return each year, once they establish a breeding location, so we anticipate a regular presence of them well into the future.

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