Disney – Things to Buy From Amazon Before Your Disney World Vacation

Disney – Things to Buy From Amazon Before Your Disney World Vacation

Things to Buy From Amazon Before Your Disney World Vacation

I love Amazon because you can find almost any item that you need. Since I am a Prime member, I get my orders in 2 days, and sometimes the next day. How amazing is that? I personally think that Prime membership is fully valued.

I have listed products that I things you should truly consider buying from Amazon before your Disney World vacation. These essential products will help your holiday run smoother.

Sunscreen for kids

Neutrogena Wet Skin kids stick SPF 70 + Sunscreen is mainly formulated to work on wet skin. It glides on perfect for hands-free, no mess-application, making applying sunscreen simple and fast. When walking around Disney World, kids tend to get sweaty. This product is remarkable because it will go on wet skin even sweaty skin. I love to apply this to my kid’s faces. It does feel a bit oily on the skin.

Disney Neutrogena kids

Sunscreen lotion

It is vital to wear sunscreen when you are in Florida. You can simply get burnt. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunscreen motion SPF 100+ is advised by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a successful board spectrum sunscreen. It provides the highest mixture of UVB/UVA production. It goes on fully dry. You cannot feel it at all. You do not love like there is oil on your skin clogging your pores. When you sweat, you do not feel it dripping down your face as with other sunscreens.

Disney Neutrogena

Large Carabiner

Are you traveling with a little kid? If you are, you will be renting or bringing a stroller. Get organized by hooking up the carabiner to the stroller. You can hook it up to the stroller and then link your camera, diaper bag, park bag, and even the resort refillable mugs. When you clip it off the stroller you can still keep every item ever linked to it. The soft grip makes it simple to carry. This is so perfect.

Disney Carabiner

ID tattoos for Children

Disney World is a secure place but kids tend to walk away from their parents. It is vital to just be prepared if that does occur. Temporary tattoos are a remarkable choice for children who do not love to have bands on. These tattoos are waterproof, it is ok for sensitive skin and it lasts up to two weeks.  Some tattoos have dynamic colors and a place where you can write down your contact information.


This ten pack of ponchos is compact, lightweight, latex-free, and waterproof. It measures fifty wide by forty tall. Since it is lightweight, it is actually a onetime use. It is so costly that you can throw it out once you are done with it you do not have to carry it around. If you want a little pack, try the ten packs of ponchos. These are affordable and value the money.

Disney Ponchos

Frogg Toggs chilly cooling towel

It is a remarkable towel. It chills you off as water evaporates to help ease some of the heat. It can also absorb water and it dries you up. The top part is that it is a machine washable. So you can use it again the next day. You can slice into any shape for customization. It also appears with a storage container to keep it moist and ready to use. You can save this in your resort room refrigerator.

When you are at Walt Disney parks, you will view the Frosty Towels for sale. It is generally approximately $7.50 – $8.00.  They keep it on the ice next to the soft drinks and water.

Disney Towel

Hand sanitizer

Disney World is a clean park. Anyway, there are 1000s of people who visit the parks each day. This hand sanitizer is little and discreet. Comes with a strong clip fits perfectly on my backpack and to almost anything. The citrus scent is cool and not overwhelming. I highly advise it.

Disney Hand Sanitizer

Brita sports water bottle

This was a sweet move on my hands part in getting the Brita sports water bottles. I know we can get free water at the beverage stands. Anyway, when we are in line, my children get thirsty. My husband brought a Brita sports water bottle. It has a special filter in the bottle. The free water that Disney gives you is tap water. Florida tap water tastes very bad. You can go ask for a free cup of water, pour it into the Brita water bottle, and out into the cup. It flavors like bottled water. After we drink out water, we refill the bottles and keep it for later.

Foldable blanket

This blanket is perfect for outdoor activities like sitting on the grass or floor when you are reserving your spot for fireworks or parade. No need to hesitate if the ground is wet because the blanket is waterproof. It folds up compact and it comes with a carabiner and pouch. You can hook it up to your purse or backpack.

Disney Blanket

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