The Very Cute and Collectable Bobble Head Dolls

We all have a passion for collecting items. Some people will have a hobby, it maybe going to watch their local sports team or following a motorsport. For others it could involve collecting stamps. Each stamp carefully and precisely assembled within an album or catalogue, interestingly this in fact was the most popular form of hobby in the 19th century.

A new and unique hobby has grown in popularity. Would you know what bobble head dolls are? The best way to describe a one of these unusual little characters is; A small caricature person or figure that usually has an oversized face in relation to the body.

The description comes from where the face is not fixed to the body, it is connected via a spring or hook which makes it move around and wobble, increasingly people collect these as their hobby.

The earliest known reference to the term bobble head dolls is during the short story by Mikolai Gogol titled ‘The Overcoat’ and penned in 1842. The main character was described as ‘having a neck like a plaster cat that wags its tail. After nearly a century they returned briefly during the 1950s, before slowly disappearing as a collectable form of hobby.

It was not until the 1960s that the bobble heads really became popular again. During this period within the United States of America, major league baseball produced figures of each team. Every figure was the same shape, but with the variant of the team livery and colours.

One of the most sought after sets is that of the world famous band ‘The Beatles’ from the 1970s, but it was during this time that there was a decline in the craze with these dolls. After this period it took a change in manufacturing processes in the late 1990s to make them popular and collectable again, changing the material the top was made from ceramic to plastic.

The types of characters that can be produced and collected can vary, but some of the most popular types of bobble head dolls will be based on new films that are released. The recent Star Wars film had a lot of merchandise that went along with it, in this merchandise included figurines of some of the bigger characters.

Why do people collect this type of figure? The majority of figures are made and issued to celebrate a special subjects, like a film, a player in a sports team, or an anniversary similar to the 40th anniversary of candle stick park, home to San Francisco Giants in the United States. At the event thousands of figures were given away to spectators.

Where are they available from? You can purchase and obtain figures from many sources. There are stores that sell them on the high street or you can buy them from online retailers or a good place for limited editions is online via various auction web sites.

Once you start collecting you need a safe home to put your collection, some of the figures can demand a three figure number so safety and protection is a good investment. As bobble head dolls come with a big sturdy base, most are just happy sitting on your desk or shelf. For some people the best way of displaying them would be within a perspex display box, this keeps them safe and out of harms way.

If you would like to see yourself as a Bobble head doll you can, a popular mainstream option lets you create a figure of your own. This would make a brilliant option as a gift to any person looking to add to their collection and would certainly be a one off.

Source by John Grande

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