The Top Ten Ringtones That Took the World by Storm

Here is a list of the top ten ringtones that have made ringtone history.

The Nokia Tune

This ringtone is included in all Nokia mobile phones as the default ringer and is based on 13 note presentation of “Gran Vals” by a 19th-century Spanish musician named Francisco Tarrega. This tune is recognizable by millions worldwide as Nokia’s signature ringtone which has thus earned the ringtone’s fame or infamy.

The Mosquito Tone

The mosquito tone is otherwise known as “Teen Buzz” and is basically an adaptation of a high-frequency tone that was specially created to discourage boisterous teenagers from loitering outside stores. The sound of it was so high pitched that the sound could only bother the youngsters and thus left older people unaffected.

The Crazy Frog

Based on Erik Wernquist’s short animated production entitled “The Annoying Thing,” the “Crazy Frog” ringtone was overwhelmingly popular in its heyday. It became famous thanks to Jamba, a mobile content company which heavily promoted the ringtone both on the Internet and on television.

The Nokia Morse Code SMS alert

An ingenious SMS alert, this tone actually spells out the letters “S-M-S” in the Morse Code. It is considered as the most well-known “SMS tone” ever utilized to alert the mobile phone owner that he has received a text message.

The Classic telephone ring

The flood of ringtones that have been personalized (or sensationalized) has prompted a lot of mobile phone users to shun these tones and instead, opt for the vintage “bell ringing” sound of an ordinary telephone.

Sir Mixalot

It was in the year 1992 that a rapper named Sir Mixalot scored a hit with his track “Baby Got Back.” The song’s lyrics “Pick up the phone! Pick up the phone! ‘Cause you don’t want to miss this call and I cannot lie!” were re-recorded to create a ringtone which immediately became popular.

The R2D2 Ringtone

Who can forget the famous robot in the Star Wars movie saga? The mobile ringtones that are based on R2D2’s signature sound are fast becoming a fashionable pick for cell phone ringtones.

The Nokia Dying Remix

The Nokia “Flat Battery” or “Dying” remix is based on the standard Nokia Tune. In this case, it is a humorous adaptation of the classic Nokia Tune in which the sound ultimately explodes or goes flat. Clearly this acknowledges the irritation that the Nokia Tune causes if heard again and again.

The CTU Ringtone

In the popular television show “24,” a highly identifiable ringtone is always heard ringing on the phones of the CTU office complex. That same sound is being promoted as a mobile phone ringer and is fast turning into an immense hit especially among “24” fans.

The iPhone Ringtone

The 2007 launching of the iPhone showed Steve Jobs demonstrating the use of the now-famous phone. In his demonstration, a specific ringtone was used and heard. It was swiftly rendered available as a ringtone by several online sites. The ringtone’s description is that it is like “holy angels tinkling” and was consequently integrated into the iPhone as part of its standard ringtone selection.

Source by Juan C Ruiz

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