The Cast of Dumbo Explores the Heart of the Story

The Cast of Dumbo Explores the Heart of the Story

When we finally get to see the upcoming Walt Disney Studios film Dumbo in theatres, we know we are going to cry. Like, seriously. We will have some tissues ready. Especially since the trailer made us feel so many emotions. Needless to say, we are incredibly excited to see director Tim Burton’s work on the classic tale–especially when we know it’s going to have such an uplifting message. Pun intended. We got to visit the set of Dumbo and talk to the amazing cast and crew about the film, and we are truly inspired.

“The one central thing that holds true in both the original cartoon and this, is the story of believing in yourself and finding something inside you that allows you to become the best version of what you never thought you could even be,” Colin Farrell told us.

He continued saying that even though society might call people outcasts, what makes them outcasts is also “the things that make us all individual and special and beautiful regardless.”

The positive message of the story also inspired choices made by the costume designer, Colleen Atwood.

When asked if there were any looks she was excited to see on screen, she couldn’t name a specific one because there were just so many special ones.

“I liked that people can have fun with this movie, that they can look at things and a smile comes to their face because there’s a lot of humor in the film and there’s a lot of, just, happiness,” she told us.

Even with the excitement and spectacle of the circus, Danny DeVito, who plays circus owner Max Medici, said that the message behind the film for him was that even when things are bad, they can get better.

“It’s a very, very positive, hopeful, almost never give up kind of thing. I think that, in life, you see all the different things that infiltrate the good things and others that kind of surprise you come out of nowhere.”

He continued, “But the idea is that you can’t always believe what somebody tells you. And, sometimes it messes up all your hopes and dreams. But, if you all stick together, you can get out of it and there’ll be a happy ending. Dreams do come true.”

While Burton explores the darkness of being different in the film, we also get to see the light and learn that being different is awesome! It makes you who you are, and who you are is the best. And, honestly, who can look at Dumbo’s adorable face and want anything but happiness?

The movie sounds exactly as Farrell explained it: “Sweet to its core.”

We can’t wait to be inspired by this magical movie! Disney’s Dumbo hits theaters March 29. Get your tickets now.

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