The 10 Most Famous Penises Of All Time – The Biggest, Most Controversial & Most Culturally Relevant

As far as penises go there is a rating system. Here are some of the most discussed, culturally relevant or just plain bigger than average penises. Let’s see if you agree.

1. Milton Berle

Milton Berle wasn’t just known for his comedy. It was actively spoken about in Hollywood circles that he had something almost on the verge of frightening in size.

Phil Silvers told an interesting story once about standing next to him in the urinal…

“You’d better feed that thing, or it’s liable to turn on you!”

2. Little Donnie

The Upright Citizen’s Brigade once did a comedy skit about Little Donnie who was plagued with magnimum oblivophallocytis – the result a massive penis as a young child. With the help of digital blurring the show gave a blurred image of the boy’s penis which was quite shocking for viewers.

3. Minister From Little Mermaid

If you’ve ever watched the marriage scene in the Little Mermaid you may have seen a black mound in the minister’s robes. Disney would like to say it was his knee, others suggest otherwise, you be the judge.

4. Bart Simpsom in The Simpsons Movie

Very controversially Bart exposed himself in the movie. It was the first time ever that a penis exposure didn’t result in an R rating. I’m sure little boys and girls have never been the same since.

5. Dirk Diggler – let’s Boogie

Dirk was a school dropout with a 13 inch penis eagerly recruited into porn. Mark Wahlberg bashfully admits it was a prosthetic.

6. Joey Stivic Doll

Joey was the first anatomically correct doll based on a Tv Character. He first appeared in All In The Family as the son of Sally Struthers and Mike Stivik.

7. Basketball Superstar – Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt The Stilt was a Hall Of Fame Basketball Player. He famously claimed to have had sex with 20,000 – you’d be darn tired if you asked me.

8. John Holmes – Porn Legend

He starred in 2500 adult movies and was heavily promoted as the “biggest” porn star EVER. His ex wives assured us he was 10 inches, while others reported 16 inches.

9. David

Believed to be the greatest sculpture ever the reality of the penis in David is remarkable. How much time did Michelangelo devote to his research I wonder?

10. John Wayne Bobbit

In 1993 there was no other penis more famous. Lorena, John’s wife, grabbed the kitchen knife and cut almost half of it off.

Source by Ian Hastings

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