Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu

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Set your course for the edge of the galaxy to the planet Batuu, where you’ll be immersed in the alluring offerings of a mysterious outpost and thriving port that is a haven for scoundrels, rogues, and smugglers.

Upon arrival, you will have access to an authentic, in-world environment unlike anything you have ever experienced before! This official guide to Batuu is written completely in-world, as if you are a visitor from another part of the galaxy looking for recommendations on where to eat, shop, and sightsee while on your trip to this exciting location.

Highlighted features:

  • Full-color photos, illustrations, and maps
  • Original content from Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Backstories to characters and locations found in Black Spire Outpost

Whether living your adventure in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or simply being an armchair traveler, this in-depth literary companion will delight any fan of Star Wars.

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This once-bustling crossroads has evolved over the generations. For travelers willing to venture outside of the well-trodden hyperspace routes and try something a little different, Batuu will reward you with a rich experience thanks to its unique blend of cultures and opportunities.






Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Old Outpost.

Old Outpost.


Oga Garra’s Cantina is the hub of activity at Black Spire. Whether you need a drink or a job, you’ll find both here surrounded by some of the Outpost’s most interesting inhabitants.


Even if you don’t fly to Black Spire Outpost, I recommend a stop at the spaceport to truly appreciate the Outpost’s bustling trade. Watch ships of all types come and go, filled with interesting crews and exotic cargoes.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

A rotating selection of chefs come from far and wide to sell culinary delights at this docking bay. A quick meal here will not soon be forgotten.

Old Outpost.

Reminders of Batuu’s ancient past lie just outside the city walls. Explore the cavernous ruins while you search for clues about a mysterious civilization long gone.



Oga’s Cantina is best known for its drink selection, a reputation that is well earned.

On each side you’ll find twenty-one drink dispensers—that’s forty-two taps in all. All of the regulars have their favorite drinks and aren’t shy about sharing their opinions.

Water, Tea, and Caf

The bar imports Kamino Rain water (still or sparkling). Looking for more flavor than that? Try the tea and caf selections. The hearty hot drink of the locals, Spiran Caf, is grown and roasted in the foothills of the mountains that stretch across Batuu. Like other varieties of caf served in diners throughout the galaxy, it will provide you a nice kick of energy. Try its richer variant, Black Spire Brew, if you prefer something sweet and cold. Imported all the way from Mandalore, Cassius Tea is made with the florets of the cassius tree and thought to be good for your health. Try the well-garnished Moogan Tea or the Tarine Tea, rumored to be a favorite of the First Order. If you prefer a sweet tea with a bit of a crunch, you’ll like the Sweet Root Tea.

Non-alcoholic Libations

Some travelers are surprised to find a cloud of smoke rolling out of the Carbon Freeze, which is far more enjoyable than actually being frozen in carbonite and comes with none of the carbon sickness afterward. Using the same locally farmed milk as the Milk Stand, the Blue Bantha served at Oga’s Cantina is topped with a special sweet snack.

The Felucian Fizz is a real crowd-pleaser on a hot day. Some say the concoction helps fight dehydration. The Blurrgfire can be found at taverns and cantinas across the galaxy, but Oga puts her own twist on this classic stand by. And if you want to sip on a regional favorite, try a Cliff Dweller, which is a deep orange color and big on flavor.

Service YardService Yard

service yard near merchant row is a notable example.service yard near merchant row is a notable example.

Once home to the outpost’s public baths, it is now a public refresher. They’re outfitted with facilities for most humanoid species.

The service yard is just one of many places around town where you can hear the local radio station, BSO 401.72. The station’s DJ, Palob Godalhi, is the closest thing Black Spire has to a local celebrity. Stick around a while to hear the latest news, some favorite music, and more.


Though it’s just one of the many back alleys that connect the streets here, the service yard near merchant row is a notable example.

Taking a quick stroll around the yard, visitors will notice a droid repair station. On any given day it’s bustling with activity as astromechs and other such automatons wait in line for repairs or perhaps just a soothing oil bath. There is also a rather large Imperial probe droid, captured by local Batuuans many decades ago during the time of the Galactic Empire, hanging on a wall for all see.

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