Star Wars And Star Trek The Time Has Come For Them To Be Reality In The New Space Force Program

Sure, you like to see it in the movies with a tub of popcorn and a cola. These days sitting in your living room in front of your big screen flat panel with chicken wings and some beer is the way viewing pleasure is achieved after it’s burned out on the big theater screen and goes to home video disc. Some people who crave subscribe to pay for view if they can afford it to feel the sensation of what they can’t do themselves. Ever since Buck Rodgers who was created in 1928 and Robbie the Robot in the 1956 some people just cannot do without it.

Of course I’m talking science fiction space entertainment. I personally think “Starship Troopers” wasn’t given enough popularity even though all of the many movies produced were popular. I haven’t seen any of the ancient “Buck Rodgers” films but I did see the 1956 “Forbidden Planet” movie with Robbie The Robot a couple of times. Both of these films “Starship Troopers” and “Forbidden Planet” were excellent for me alongside the Star Trek and Star Wars T.V. and movies that did achieve fame beyond just being popular.

New energy sources from the 1956 “Forbidden Planet” hyperdrive movie was the precursor for the 1960’s Star Trek “Dilithium Crystals” star ship power supply which developed into the Warp Drive fantasy technology really fuels our imagination as to what will be when the United States does actually develop energy that will drive massive space machines to the edges of an endless universe beyond the now nuclear power. The beginning of the “Space Force” will most likely be rocket fuel until they are able to produce a nuclear powered space vessel to cruise the space beyond earth.

No matter for what reason Donald Trump is trying to produce the beginning of the future “Space Force” it will be the start of the building of a real life “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” that will no longer be an idea on a movie and television screen. Little boys and little girls need not dream any longer about joining the “Space Force” in a fantasy but now they can actually dream about how they are going to train to get on and join the “Space Force” team of reality. Adults that grew up with space movies and a fantasy of what they could never realize will develop their children and grand children into being part of a reality that wasn’t around in their time.

Source by Jim Allan

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