Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter – Get Ready To Fly High

Once again Disney has given us a toy in Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter that can be summed up in one single word. Cool! OK, maybe two words. Very Cool! You have to tip your hat to the designer of Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter because with the excellent attention to detail on the jet it makes you feel that Siddeley has just landed in your living room and is awaiting further instructions for his next spy mission.

What you also have to give Disney credit for here is that the jet is a non battery operated toy. That’s right, your child will actually have to use his or hers imagination when they play with Siddeley! But once you see all that you can do with Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter, you’ll probably find out that your child just can’t seem to put it away.

Now just in case you need a little refresher on this character from the upcoming Cars 2 movie, Siddeley is a British twin engine spy jet that boasts super secret state of the art spy equipment. Sleek and fast, Siddeley can streak through the skies at speeds of up to Mach 1 (one time the speed of sound). And just in case he really needs to be stealthy, Siddeley is also capable of employing his cloaking technology! In other words, Siddeley is just one kick butt spy plane.

Siddeley The Transporter is also Finn McMissile’s (another suave and sophisticated British spy) tried and true crime fighting partner and they’ll use everything at their disposal to thwart the bad guys in the upcoming Cars 2 movie.

Ready to now take at look at what is going to make Siddeley one of the hottest new toys in the Cars 2 lineup? The first thing you are going to notice is the size of the jet itself. Although he is not huge, he is pretty darn big! Siddeley measures roughly 14 inches from nose to tail and has an impressive wingspan of just under a foot. And since he is a transporter, Siddeley can load and store up to three cars that fit inside his body or fuselage for you aircraft techies. And naturally these can be the cars from the Cars 2 movie! Although it will work just about any size die cast that you may have at your disposal.

Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter also ships with twin missiles than can be loaded and fired from the under wing missile mounts just in case he needs to get out of a tough situation! Now we won’t reveal everything about Siddeley because why ruin the fun right? All you really need to know is that Disney absolutely nailed it with this toy and incorporated a lot of neat features that will result in hours and hours of fun for your child.

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