Schwinn Girls Bikes

Riding a bicycle is really fun for every one. It is a skill which once acquired can never be forgotten. Riding a bike gives the pleasure of freedom and joy of freshness. So there is time to buy your child’s first bike, don’t look around just go for Schwinn bikes.

‘Schwinn bikes’ has a vast range of girl’s bikes for every age group. You can use them for school, work or picnic and enhance the leisure of every outdoor event just by riding over there. It is one of the most demanded brands in bikes so you should not miss this popular brand.

This brand has a large variety of tricycles and bicycles in different sizes and attractive colors which can attract any girl.

Materials used for these bikes are high quality steel, rubber and aluminum which make it durable and long lasting.

The frame of each bike is made of very strong metal so it can bare weight of heavy people. The rims are made of stainless steel to make it rust proof.

. Very good quality of rubber is used in the wheels to make it go smoothly and last for a very long time. These durable wheels can withstand all types of terrains and road conditions.

These bikes are available at affordable prices and smart deals, which is very convincing.

Here are some of the available types which you can find for your little darling this Christmas.

Rosebud 16 inches Girls BMX Bicycle: give your little princess this smart bicycle and give her quality bike from the beginning. Your child will love it.

Schwinn Locket 18 inches BMX Bicycle: These are the Lovely bicycle for the loveliest child, with lowered stand-over frame for easy ride. Give her this bicycle and enjoy the sparkle in her eyes.

Pacific Cycle Shwinn Jasmine Girl 16 inches- Bike: low stand-over frame front and rare caliper brakes handle bar bag crossbar pad and streamers. These are very easy and comfortable to ride.

Schwinn Vogue 20 inch Girl’s BMX Bike; offers a high quality which you expect from Schwinn bikes. Gives the pleasure of smooth ride

Pacific Cycle 24 inches Schwinn Girl Traverse Bicycle; gives you a comfortable and quality ride.

Schwinn High Timber 24 inches Girls Bike S3543; experience the awesome ride that a front suspension mountain bike delivers in the mountains or on the streets.

Schwinn High Timber 24 inches Girl Mountain Bike: For the adventurous ones in your family with this dual suspension mountain bike.


Schwinn Disney Princess Hard Shell Helmet; It is for your child’s safety, you can get hard shell helmet and pads, which can be tied on knees or elbow.

Schwinn Blossom Micro Bike Helmet; Blossom helmet comes with 8 flow vents to keep you cool and easy.

Any of the Schwinn bikes, give you the confidence of high quality and joy of riding comfortable riding because it gives you the comfort of stress free seat.

Speed Range

14 – 20

21 – 27

28 and more…

More Advantages; there is a huge variety of new designs for Schwinn girl’s bikes in very attractive colors. This product is reliable as it is not a new name in the market. If you searching for a good bicycle or tricycle then you better not miss these!

Looking for beach cycles you can get them. You would not resist seeing the variety of mountain bikes in Schwinn girl’s bikes.

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