Review: Would You Like To Live The James Bond Lifestyle?

Author: Paul Kyriazi

ISBN: 0971618305

Author, writer and director of several feature films, Paul Kyriazi, is quite an
expert on James Bond, as evidenced from his recent tome, The Complete James Bond
Lifestyle Seminar. Kyriazi promises to put you on the path to turning your life
around and realize your dreams, provided you follow his twenty-one rules of the
James Bond lifestyle.

The book begins with a look at your base of operations or your living quarters,
and readers are asked to determine if it is clean, organized and comfortable.

To illustrate the importance of these elements, Kryiazi refers to Dr.No, where
we have a rare look at Bond’s apartment. Notice, as the author mentions, there
is no clutter, it is clean and organized. Another example is Bond’s office, as
seen in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service- once again all of these elements are
very much in evidence. In other words, everything in the James Bond lifestyle
starts in your mind – “clear organized thinking begets a clear organized mind.”

From here the book’s chapters are tight and focused dealing with more of the
seminar’s rules such as the importance of never running out of cash. The author
points out that money is a symbol of neutral energy, and what is vital is to
know how to circulate the money. Never be afraid of carrying around too much
cash in a money clip. As for the fear of being robbed, the author says that he
has heard more than one person say that they were very glad to have something to
give to the robber.

Some of the other rules explored and examined are the necessity of adapting and
improvising when it comes to life’s challenges, what you wear and how to wear
the proper clothing, never give up, getting good value of your time and money,
act professional on the job, tip freely like Bond, constantly keep learning by
reading at least one book a week, renting what you need and take mental
possession of it, chose your contacts carefully and avoid villains.

Although some of the material presented is a rehash of what has been written in
an endless stream of books on how to turn your life around, the overall effect
is still somewhat addictive. There is always the allure of trying to live like
James Bond, and perhaps even ask yourself every time you face a challenge, what
would James Bond do in this situation? However, as we will never be James Bond,
and as Kryiazi maintains, what is so wrong in being yourself and living the
lifestyle you want.

The mixture of the author’s words of wisdom with the tidbits taken from Bond’s
movies makes for a compelling read, particularly if you are a Bond fan. Will the
twenty-one rules turn you life around? I guess you will have to try them to find

Source by Norm Goldman

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