Re-Theme of Splash Mountain

I really would love to know where Disney fans stand on this. The debate being had, and one that has been being had for a long time, is to retheme the attraction to be Princess and the Frog instead of the current Brer Rabbit story.

I understand the arguments for both keeping the classic attraction as it is as well as bringing in something more fresh and engaging for younger visitors while keeping the ride system as it is in place. The art for how Princess and the Frog would come to life is really inspiring and looks like if done with the right bit of Disney magic it could be an amazing experience. Though as a child of the 90s the classic attraction holds a dear place in my heart.

So I would love to know how Disney fans feel about the potential re-theme. Please be respectful of other points of view, I realize this is the tale as old as time for us Disney Park fans (update with something new vs preserve the classic attractions. But especially in this case please try to be considerate of all thoughts!

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