Phil Collins and Brother Bear

When most people hear about Phil Collins, they think about his 80s hits… or they think about Tarzan. Little do people think about his work in Brother Bear. This movie is one of the most underrated movies I’ve ever watched. Today was the first time watching this movie in many years. As a young kid, I never played any attention to the songs or the meanings behind them. After watching it today, I am here to day that Brother Bear is by far one of the most powerful Disney movies made. I listen to the songs and understand the meaning of the lyrics, which gives the plot a deeper meaning. One of those songs that really hit me was “No Way Out”. I am going to admit that this song made me tear up because of the lyrics and the scene that was taking place. I could feel that pain during that scene and it made me feel like I was the one giving the bad news. I will never understand why a powerful movie featuring Phil Collins is so underrated.

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