Parks and Cruises Post COVID

Hi Fam!

Our family likes to take a cruise and then swing by the parks on the way home! We had to move a cruise date because of COVID and rescheduled for the end of September. Currently, we’re still on. But I’m having some doubts to be honest. I’m not worried about catching the virus, there’s actually a pretty good chance we’ve already had it. But I am worried about what the experience is going to be. If they’re all like, “welcome to the Disney wonder! The pools closed because of COVID. And he kids club is closed because of COVID. And cabanas is closed because of COVID. And the shows are closed because of COVID and etc etc etc… you get the idea. Well, if it’s like that, I don’t wanna go. Has there been any speculation on what post COVID cruising will be like? And how about the parks? Has anyone been to the Shanghai site yet?

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