Pair Ice Cream with your Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie

Pair Ice Cream with your Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie

Gideon's Bakehouse

Gideon’s Bakehouse is at it again with its Flavors of Florida in April. This time you had to be “in the know” or at least a follower of Gideon’s Instagram account, which some of us will refresh a few times a day to see what is going on.

Just say the phrase “Alligator Tracks” when visiting Gideon’s at @DisneySprings today, and you can scoop a homemade Orange Zest Ice Cream filled with Toasted Almonds and Dark Chocolate Chunks on top of a Cookie of your choice, though, of course, it’s meant to pair with Stuart’s Cookie!

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Ok seriously Gideon’s, we get it, your cookies are amazing. Now pairing it with ice cream is only going to get me in trouble with fans of with the over-the-top reviews, and my family for dragging them through Disney Springs at a moment’s notice. We all have that one place we have to go when visiting Walt Disney World Resorts, mine is Gideon’s. I am sure some people are sighing and wanting to rage post at my love of Gideon’s and that is fine, I can take it! For all you haters reading this, Gideon’s are the best cookie in Orlando! I have decided my new nickname for the over-the-top reviews, like this one, is Gidiot’s! Please, ma’am, use that made-up word in a sentence. Ok, I will…

Gideon's bakehouse

I am a Gidiot for constantly going early to get in line before the virtual queue happens, even knowing I could drive the extra 25 minutes to the East End Market.

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Check below for Gideon’s newest Instagram post.

Gideon's bakehouse at Disney springs

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