New Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection Has A Variety Of Spring Style

New Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection Has A Variety Of Spring Style

Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection

Kipping has unveiled a fun new Disney collection for spring, starring Mickey! The new Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection is actually three capsules in one! The fun contrast in styles has lots of fun choices, for a variety of tastes. There is a classic and sporty capsule, a durable retro ripstop capsule, and chic black and gold capsule!

Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection

The classic and sporty capsule is the largest of the three. This assortment has five silhouettes, including an Alys hip pack, and Delia compact! Bold lettering in bright colors creates a fun print, adorned with Mickey’s smiling face!

The hip and durable ripstop capsule has a flashy retro vibe. Textured appliques give this assortment a unique feel that makes a statement.

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Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection

Last but not least is the black and gold capsule. This one is definitely my favorite. I love how sleek and minimalist it is. There are two silhouettes in this capsule. That’s okay though because they are probably my absolute favorite Kipling styles. This chic capsule is all black, with gold embroidered Mickeys. You’ll find it in the Delia Compact, and Creativity Crossbody.

You can find all three capsules from the new Mickey Mouse Kipling Collection online at now! Which capsule is your favorite?

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