New Decorative Scrim Outside Peter Pan’s Flight

New Decorative Scrim Outside Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan Scrim in Magic Kingdom

Nothing ruins pictures in Walt Disney World quite like construction going on in the background. Sometimes you plan and daydream how your kids will look in a particular spot, but when you get there, ready to say “cheese, ” there’s a hideous brown scrim blocking the view. That’s been the case the last several weeks at Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom. However, a decorative scrim has finally been put in place to help the area look beautiful again!

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The new scrim mimics the look of the attraction’s exterior, so you know what it looks like underneath. That’s especially nice for first-time Walt Disney World guests. While the main entrance remains untouched, much of the building is now covered, leaving us to wonder how long the upkeep will take and how much more will eventually be hidden from sight.

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The queue remains largely indoors and simply goes around the scrim when necessary. Much like “It’s a Small World” during its update last year, once inside you wouldn’t know that a paint job is taking place. And now that the “happiest cruise that ever sailed” has been refreshed, it looks as good as new. We can’t wait to see how Peter Pan’s Flight looks when it’s done!

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While some of the scrim is still brown and boring, we really like the themed version! Keep checking back to see how the renovations are going!

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