Muppets nuiMOs Are Dancing Into Town Soon

Muppets nuiMOs Are Dancing Into Town Soon

Muppets nuiMOs

It’s time to play the music because The Muppets are coming to the nuiMOs family. The new Muppets nuiMOs are debuting March 1st, and will feature Kermit and Miss Piggy!

Muppets nuiMOs

Each first Monday of the month, Disney will release new goodies for the nuiMOs collection. It can be new characters, new clothes & accessories, or both! Kermit and Miss Piggy will be the first new characters to join the nuiMOs collection since the original launch in January. From the stylish picture shared by Disney nuiMOs, it looks like there might also be some new fashions headed our way too.

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You can look for the new Muppets nuiMOs beginning Monday, March 1st at your local Disney Store, shopDisney, and some Disney Parks! World of Disney in Disney Springs and Downtown Disney tends to have a great selection!

Which character dolls from Disney nuiMOs would you like to see next?

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