Multiple Parcel Tracking & Management

The whole concept of parcel delivery has changed drastically over just a few generations. People send enormous quantities of goods all over the world every day.

Back in the old days, people would write long letters to their friends and family overseas and then they would pass those envelopes to sailors who were heading off in the right direction. Somehow, unbelievably, some of those letters actually made it to their destinations! The journey took months or years, the envelopes and ships were often lost at sea and the addressee was sometimes never found.

These days we are very fortunate in that we have all manner of super-fast, super-advanced means of transport available. In theory, we can safely send anything around the world, be it as small as a book or as big and complicated as an entire star-wars toy collection numbering thousands of individual pieces. This is made possible by the growing efficiency of both hardware and software in our private and working lives.

Why bother to track each parcel?

Technology must constantly keep up with developments as newer, better things are created to speed up, enhance and simplify everything that happens to us and our possessions. What this means is that now consumers expect you to be able to give them all the information and reassurance they need, twenty-four hours a day, on the phone, by fax and most especially on the web.

The consumer expects to be able to find out precisely what happens to their parcels at every stage, when they will arrive or even why one specific parcel is half an hour late. When you fail to provide them with the information they want, they will be furious with you and abandon you in future. They have the option to simply go to someone else who can provide better, faster information and service than you.

Make no mistake, good information is good service and you had better be able to provide any and all information in an instant should the customer ask you for it.

How do you go about tracking every single parcel?

When you need to send a large number of parcels around the world, the logistics can become a nightmare. Even in this modern day and age, human error and paperwork can make a parcel seem to have vanished into thin air, even when the parcel is perfectly safe and on its journey.

A decent parcel tracking and management system can clear up a lot of vital issues. When you are operating on a digital level, information flows thick and fast. You have the power to calculate the total number of parcels en route to any destination or find precise location of each one of ten thousand parcels sent out by one individual client You can do all of this by simply clicking a button!

Each parcel is given a unique, bar-coded tracking number which is physically attached to the parcel when you receive it. Each point on the journey of each parcel then records the tracking number of every package that it comes into contact with. In the modern world this is a ridiculously easy step; digital barcode scanners read the number on each package as the label passes. Your customer is given the tracking number too. This means that when they ask you about their specific items, they don’t require you to rummage through pages and pages of information, they can just type their unique numbers into a form on your website and voila! The exact location of their parcels will simply appear before them on their screen. Even if they phone for information, the precise details are readily available to all your staff at the touch of a button.

This whole parcel tracking system can only be practical if it is fast, user friendly and accurate. Security is paramount and excellent records are absolutely vital at every level of operation. You must be able to trust your software with your business, with the jobs of all your employees and you must be able to trust it to look after your customers and the parcels that they entrust to you. With the right parcel tracking and management system, you are ensuring the security of each and every parcel that you send.

The truly phenomenal power of a good piece of parcel tracking and management software is that you can closely observe parcels based on your own priorities. You can closely follow all of the parcels belonging to a specific client. The power of good parcel tracking and management software is that it is easy to use on a daily basis. It becomes easy to control and monitor every movement of every item around the world.

The end result of good parcel tracking and management is that it invariably saves both time and money. It will also ensure you feel completely secure and that your customers will too.

Source by Roger Theron

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