Missing Buzz Lightyear goes on a mission before returning home thanks to Southwest Airlines

Missing Buzz Lightyear goes on a mission before returning home thanks to Southwest Airlines

Photo credit Southwest

Recently a little boy left his Buzz Lightyear on a Southwest plane which I would imagine happens to many parents out there on a daily basis, however, Buzz managed to find his way home thanks to a Ramp Agent and a secret mission into uncharted space…

According to a post on the Southwest Facebook page:

Hagen and his family had landed at Dallas Love Field and were already driving off in a rental car when they realized Hagen’s special buddy was left behind on the plane. By the time they noticed, the plane was already well on the way to its next destination. Eventually, the aircraft made it to Little Rock, where it was scheduled to terminate for the night. That’s where Jason, a Ramp Agent at LIT, noticed Hagen’s left-behind buddy.

Photo credit Southwest

Jason knew someone was missing their friend badly, so he began some investigating to discover who he belonged to. Soon, a name written on the bottom of the boot caught Jason’s eye: “Hagen.” After more digging, Jason learned there was only one “Hagen” who had traveled on that aircraft that day. Instantly, Jason came up with a plan…

Photo credit Southwest

A few days later, Hagen and his family received a special surprise in the mail. Not only was his buddy returned, but he arrived in a hand-decorated box, complete with a letter describing his mission at Southwest Airlines, and pictures to boot.

Photo credit Southwest

“There’s definitely not enough good in this world, and for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us.” –Ashley, Hagen’s mom.

Photo credit Southwest & Ashley Davis

What an amazing story and a great job by Jason at Southwest!

Southwest posted the story last night and at the time of this writing it has over 42k lines and growing.

The mother of Hagen even commented on the Southwest post!

Love it!

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