Magic Kingdom’s Spring Roll Cart taking a break

Magic Kingdom’s Spring Roll Cart taking a break

A popular snack cart is rumoured be temporarily closing as the Magic Kingdom’s Spring Roll Cart is taking a break until March 2021. According to sources, it seems this popular snack cart which offers two different types of spring rolls, cheeseburger and pepperoni pizza spring rolls. For the price of $7.50 you get two spring rolls, either two of the same or you can mix-and-match!

Magic Kingdom's Spring Roll Cart

Wonder what they taste like? Well we did! The first one we tried is the House-made Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. Inside this crispy spring roll you’ll find ground meat and cheese along with onion and pickle flavors. It’s definitely a unique snack at the Walt Disney World Resort.


The second option currently available is the Pepperoni Pizza Spring Rolls. Melted cheese and pepperoni on the inside are contained by a flaky outer shell.  The marinara sauce on the side is the perfect blend for your tastebuds. These are definitely worth a try if you are headed to the Magic Kingdom.

For a close up look, check out our Instagram video of the spring rolls below!

Magic Kingdom’s Spring Roll Cart taking a break

However, whilst this popular snack cart did not open alongside the parks, with a delayed re-opening back in October 2020. When it did open, the opening hours seemed to be inconsistent, where at times it would be closed for days when crowds appeared to be low.

When we visited the Magic Kingdom, we saw the cart closed and heard that it will not be reopening until March. Please note that Disney have not officially confirmed this information and so the reopening of this cart could be subject to change! For all other dining options at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World click here! To stay tuned for more Disney news click here!


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