Magic Kingdom testing Facial Recognition for theme park entry

Magic Kingdom testing Facial Recognition for theme park entry

This morning the Magic Kingdom was testing a new Facial Recognition method for theme park entry on a strictly volunteer basis.

Starting today through April 23rd guests can opt to use this new service. This is the newest addition to the touchless entry into the Disney World Theme Parks.

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For the Facial Recognition guests enter the Testing Lane and must remove any sunglasses, ears or hats before passing through, you must also keep your mask on.

Last year Disney World rolled out the full-body security scanners which allow guests to walk through the security scanner before gaining admittance to the theme parks. LOVE THEM!

Gone are the days of having Disney Security go through your bags. Sometimes I will still get pulled aside if I have my laptop with me but for the most part, I hold my phone and battery pack in front of me and walkthrough.

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We are unsure if this new Facial Recognition method will replace Magic bands and the new MagicMobile service. Stay tuned for more details.

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