Mad Tea Party Reopens After Brief Refurbishment

Mad Tea Party Reopens After Brief Refurbishment

Mad Tea Party at the Magic Kingdom

A very merry unbirthday to all of us! After a brief refurbishment, the Mad Tea Party in the Magic Kingdom has reopened! The classic Disney ride closed on February 22nd and has thankfully been a quick touch-up job.

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The Mad Tea Party is inspired by Walt Disney’s 1955 classic, Alice in Wonderland. The original attraction is still in Disneyland Park and this version is an exact copy. The ride features giant pastel cups, reminiscent of those the Mad Hatter uses at his party in the film. The cups spin guests around until everyone is dizzy. 

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No changes have taken place to the exterior of the ride during its closure. Being that it’s a Walt Disney World staple, we can all be glad it hasn’t changed over the years! Plenty of rides have been receiving maintenance lately. It could be because of being shut down for several months last year, but most likely it’s due to the 50th-anniversary celebration that will begin later this year.

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At any rate, a good number of people weren’t sorry to see this ride closed for a time. The Mad Tea Party is controversial. Not because of the source of inspiration, but because some guests get sick when riding. No one can blame them for hating it. However, we are still excited to see it open again!

Are you a fan of The Mad Tea Party? If so, happy spinning!

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