Is Nintendo Merchandise Coming to Universal Orlando’s new City Walk Store?

Is Nintendo Merchandise Coming to Universal Orlando’s new City Walk Store?

Nintendo world
Photo Credit: Universal

Universal Orlando is building a massive new store right inside Citywalk! This will replace the smaller store that is already there. Universal just put up the concept art of the new store, here’s a look.

Universal store
Photo Credit: Inside Universal

Here is a look at the outside of the new Universal Studios Store. Its slogan is “Universal’s Premier Retail Experience”. If you zoom in on the window in the concept art you can see Mario and Luigi! We took a screenshot for you!

Nintendo world
Photo Credit: Inside Universal- Zoomed in

You can clearly see the two Super Mario Brothers! It seems very likely that we will be getting some Nintendo merchandise. Super Nintendo World just opened in Japan and I am hoping we get some of the same merchandise they have.

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This also brings the question when Orlando will be getting Super Nintendo World! Hopefully, with merchandise coming, it means the land will soon follow. What are your thoughts? We are excited about a larger store! It’ll be nice if you forgot anything inside the parks and it won’t be as cramped.

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Source: Universal Studios Store photos are from Inside Universal’s article.

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