Is Disney Working on Seasonal Star Wars Festivals?

Is Disney Working on Seasonal Star Wars Festivals?

3 Star Wars seasonal festivals may be coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A new Star Wars book from Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Imagineering reveals details about 3 local holidays celebrated annually in Galaxy’s Edge.

These holidays are Black Spire Day, Batuaan Harvest Festival, and Life Day. So far there have not been any special festivals held in either of the Star Wars lands. A new Batuu travel guide offers hints of what may lay ahead for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands.

“Traveler’s Guide to Batuu” serves as an in-world travel guide to the Black Spire Outpost village on the Star Wars planet of Batuu. According to the guide, the three local Batuuan festivals in the Spring, Fall, and Winter are “major annual holidays” with unique traditions.

Black Spire Day

May the Fourth is also Black Spire Day, a day to commemorate the founding of the outpost.

“On this happy holiday, locals decorate the outpost with pieces like colorful tarps, ribbons, and flowers,” according to the “Traveler’s Guide to Batuu.” “Locals sing traditional songs, feast and tie wishes to the Trilon tree. Sometimes the evening ends in a procession through the outpost with a fireworks display.”

Batuuan Harvest Festival

This festival is celebrated each fall and honors the fictional planet’s most valuable natural resource, golden lichen, or “gold dust” as the locals call it.

“Only during this festival does crime boss Oga Garra consider allowing her valuable commodity of golden lichen to be used in special drinks and dishes,” according to the “Traveler’s Guide to Batuu.” “The outpost itself is decorated in golden hued banners streamers and locals have been known to enhance their garb with similar colors.”

Life Day

Life Day was first seen on the delightfully bad 1978 “Star Wars Holiday Special.” Chewbacca and Han Solo spent time with Chewy’s family during Life Day on the television show. According to, the holiday celebrates the life-giving and life-affirming powers of the Tree of Life.

“On Batuu, locals celebrate the ideals of peace, harmony and freedom for all beings no matter how different they may appear,” according to the “Traveler’s Guide to Batuu.” “Festive decor can be seen throughout Batuu and at the close of Life Day everyone gathers around the black spire to sing songs and spread good cheer to one another.”

How spectacular would it be to celebrate one of these festivals in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Source: The Orange County Register

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