How to Make Cheap Homemade Birthday Party Invitations

You are thinking that you don’t have the time are talent for this. However you can do it, and we will take you through all of stepson how to make cheap homemade birthday party invitations, that will be as attractive as any store bought cards.

Search the web for free templates with orb without designs already in place. Be aware that some web sites only allow you to access free templates and or designs if you purchase your blank cards from them.. However there are some sites that have free templates, designs and wording samples that are truly free.

If you are making invitations for a senior citizen’s birthday look for clip art from the time when they were small children or teenagers. If you can find a baby picture of Grandpa or a school picture, what a cool invitation that would make.

My cousin’s father-in-law was born in 1928, so when she made the invitations for his birthday party she put a picture of Mickey Mouse on the front of the invitation , since Mickey was also born in 1928 also. On the Front of the card She wrote Happy Birthday to Jack Smith and Mickey Mouse. Her father-in-law loved it!

The next thing you have to do is choose the wording. You may of course use the standard type of invitation verse but it would be so much more unique if you created your own wording.

When you buy you’re your blank invitation cards, get a few extra , incase of a paper jam, ink smear or other un-forseen problem

Have extra ink cartridges on hand. You don’t want to run out in the middle of printing your invitations.

Before you start printing the project run one copy on a piece of paper the size of your invitation cards. This will let you know if there are any typing errors, and you can make sure everything is lined up the way you want it. The project shouldn’t take more than an hour so to complete.

Now that you know how to make cheap homemade birthday party invitations, enjoy the process.

If the birthday boy or girl was born on or close to a major holiday, incorporate symbols of that holiday on the invitations. A friends husband was born on the 4th of July, so she made the invitations for his party with an exploding firecracker for her design on the front and this quote from George M. Cohan “I’m a real live nephew of my Uncle Sam, born on the 4thof July”. My neighbor is a police officer and her kids made her invitations using a photo of her badge, hat and nightstick

For a member of the Clergy, use a symbol of his or her office ,such as a bible, pulpit, chalice, cross or Star of David.

The design choices for children are just about endless. Cartoon characters, superheroes, animals, Disney characters, toys and the list goes on. Teenagers are a little harder to find clipart of guitars, CD’s rock and roll , car and sports images are all good choices for teen birthday party invitations.

Let invitations for adults reflect their careers, hobbies or other interests.

My husband loves to hunt and fish, so of course I made his birthday party invitations to reflect those interests. He really like the one I made when I used a picture of him standing on the bank of casting out into the river.

You can use free templates and print then with your wording choice and then rubber stamp the designs, for another unique approach to invitations. But, that is very time consuming time.

Now share the fun, get a bunch of your friends together, and teach them how to make cheap homemade birthday party invitations.

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