Host a Disney Princess Ball – Tips For a Fun Princess Party

Little girls dream of attending a royal ball just like Cinderella and other princesses. Why not make her wishes come true and host a ball of your own? Invite all the princesses in your neighborhood and create a magical party that people will talk about well past the stroke of midnight.

First things first, send out themed invitations requesting the presence of princess (insert child’s name) at a royal ball. Let them know to dress up in their princess gowns for the party. You can make your invites on pieces of parchment paper rolled into a scroll and tied with a pretty ribbon. If you have time and want to save on stamps, your daughter can hand deliver each invitation dressed like a princess. If you are looking for fun princess costumes that don’t cost a fortune, you can hop online and order dresses that can be shipped to your house in days. It saves a trip to the store and you are sure to find a pretty princess gown.

Now it is time for the decorations. Make sure you have an open space in which your guests can dance. You can clear furniture in the living room to make space or have it in a finished off basement. If your deck or patio is large enough that will work as well. For the music, purchase a Disney princess soundtrack or play songs you think would be played at a royal ball. Next decorate your space with pink, silver, and white streamers with white Christmas lights draped in a swag style. Cover a table with a table cloth and set out girly snacks. Some examples are pink M&Ms, finger sandwiches, Disney princess fruit snacks or cookies. Don’t forget to have a princess cake!

To keep your guests entertained, plan some activities. Besides having them dance to their favorite princess songs, you can hide a decorated princess shoe in your house or yard and tell the girls they need to help Cinderella find her lost slipper. After the shoe has been found, reward the players with a piece of toy jewelry. Another activity is to set up a beauty station where they can put on kids make-up and body glitter. You can also play a game called Who Am I. On small pieces of paper write the name of a different princess and tape it to the girls’ backs so they do not see which princess they are. Have the girls ask one another yes or no questions and try to figure out which princess name they have taped to their back. Girls can also make their own necklaces with some beads and string.

When the party is over and the royal carriages come to take each princess home, send them on their way with treat bags containing stickers, princess make-up, candy, or toy jewelry. These ideas are the perfect way to start planning a magical princess party. For whimsical princess costumes and royal accessories go to You’ll be sure to have a happily ever after!

Source by Tonja Thompson

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