Height Requirement Added for VelociCoaster in Universal Orlando

Height Requirement Added for VelociCoaster in Universal Orlando


The brand new Jurassic World VelociCoaster is getting closer and closer to opening. The latest detail added is the new thrill ride is now on the height requirement chart outside of the park. When you first arrive at Islands of Adventure they have a chart you can measure easily what your kids can ride.

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As of yesterday, VelociCoaster is now officially on the height chart. It’s right in between Hagrid’s and the Hulk. It’s about at the 51” mark. Dr Doom Fearfall is 52″ and Hagrid’s is 48″.

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Universal Orlando is definitely putting the finishing touches on this ride and details around the park. They now have the lockers installed where the discovery center is. The height requirement is ready, all we need now is the official opening date. Stay tuned as we keep reporting on the VelociCoaster.

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