Gideon’s Bakehouse takes eating cake to another level

Gideon’s Bakehouse takes eating cake to another level

Gideon's Bakehouse

Gideon’s Bakehouse has been very active this April. We have covered the Flavors of Florida, the “Stuart” cookie, the 3-layer Key Lime Cake, and the ice cream pairings they were doing at Disney Springs. Now comes Cake Dip! Seriously Gideon’s, we get it, you are amazing. Now we wait for what is next… I heard through a “gargoyle” a new cake is coming. In a recent Facebook post from Steve, Gideon’s owner, he goes into explaining exactly what cake dip is.

“Let’s talk about something for a sec. We made Cake Dips today. What’s a Cake Dip? It’s Gideon’s Cake that has been fully prepared before being ceremoniously dropped in a blender and mixed! This ritual is a divine transformation that you can enjoy as a small 1/4 pound snack or a dip for your Cookie. The inaugural Cake Dip flavor is PB Mocha Chocolate Cake, and it’s delightful, so try one out.”

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Gideon's Bakehouse

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As of this article, the cake dips were sold out during the weekend at both locations, Gideon’s original location at East End Market and the Disney Springs flagship store. Normally, when the sold-out post drops, it is for that day only and they have more available the following day. As always follow ChipandCo for all your Gideon’s news.

If you had a chance to try the cake dip out please let us know how it was. Some of us did not get a chance to get over to Gideon’s to try it out.

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