First Look: Disney Announces New Plastic-Free Packaging for Classic Dolls

First Look: Disney Announces New Plastic-Free Packaging for Classic Dolls

Just in time for Earth Day,
we are announcing that starting today, our line of classic dolls will
come in new plastic-free packaging available on,
Walt Disney World Resort, and Disney stores in North America, and coming soon
to Disneyland Resort. The plastic-free packaging is made of sustainably sourced paper
that is 100% recyclable, and it’s easy to open, too!

Check out this
video that shows just how cool and reusable the
packaging really is:

collection includes 15 classic characters such as Queens Anna and Elsa, Ariel,
Belle, Jasmine, Moana, Tiana and more! The new plastic-free packaging can be
recycled curbside, or reused, providing you and your families the opportunity
to utilize the box as a prop at playtime or for storage any time!

plastic-free packaging will become available at global locations later this
year. It’s also part of Disney’s broader commitment to environmental
stewardship. We are always exploring new ways to lessen our environmental
footprint and develop more innovative packaging and products that align with
that goal.

A lower impact on the environment and
an easier, more magical playtime experience? I can’t think of a better way to
celebrate Earth Month! Amp up playtime with our new plastic-free packaging for these classic dolls,
available now on and at select Disney stores and Disney Parks.

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