First Look at the Exterior of New Epcot Gift Shop ‘Creations Shop’

First Look at the Exterior of New Epcot Gift Shop ‘Creations Shop’

Exterior of Creations Shop at Epcot

Disney recently unveiled the plans for a new merchandise location in EPCOT called Creations Shop. Located toward the front of the park, this new store will be part of a revitalized center to the park. Photos reveal just how close we are to seeing the fresh look ahead.

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The Creations Shop will have a bold design to accentuate its innovative merchandise. Slated to sell not just souvenirs, but items to enhance your memories of the trip, this location should celebrate all the uniqueness of Disney World. The building will have an open and welcoming feel. Nature will be invited into the environment with large glass walls to allow sunlight and a view.

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Nature isn’t the only beautiful adornment in the shop though. A large mural of Mickey Mouse will extend along one of the walls. Mickey is always a great source of inspiration but apparently we should be prepared for a “wow factor” in this wall. We can’t wait! 

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Creations Shop will be opening this summer, as will the new Club Cool! Only a few months from now, we will be shopping in a whole new way and tricking our friends into trying Beverly. Photos show that the work isn’t finished yet, but it is well underway. The new park center will be called World Celebration, which is fitting since we will be celebrating its opening soon! 

Photos courtesy of bioreconstruct

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