Fantasia Party Power! "Girls Night Out" Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting

I’ve heard rumblings and rumors of Fantasia Parties before, sometimes called “Romance Parties,” or simply put “Adult Sex Toy Parties,” but until best girlfriend told me she was going to get married, I didn’t think much about it. So, when she told me the big news, I knew I would want to give her the best stagette/bachelorette party ever! Little did I know then, how I would actually pull it off.

The problem with this was – I’ve never been much into male strippers, or typical stagette party stuff. The thought of some dude dangling his softy in my best “bride-to-be” girlfriends face, seemed a bit off. She’s a pretty adventurous girl, and we’ve been caught in a few sticky situations together for sure, but the typical bachelorette routine wasn’t’ going to cut it. That’s when I recalled a term I had heard a year before, and started to investigate.

“Fantasia Parties,” I thought to myself as I sat in my kitchen trying to brainstorm ideas, sounds like a bunch of 5 year-olds all having a sleepover with Disney Movies, chocolate chip cookies and milk. So, I decided to go check out what this was really all about, and if it was even something I could afford. The first website that came up was cheap and tacky looking… next one was super amateurish… but the next one spoke my language, so I read on. The term “Fantasia Party” seems to have been coined up in Canada, and in the bigger Canadian cities like Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and across the country, these events are a regular thing, and there’s nothing PG or Disney about them!

So here’s what I planned for my best girlfriends last night of debauchery – A guided tour of the most intriguing and “forbidden” adult sex toys, hosted by a professional Fantasia Party Hostess, in the comfort and privacy of my own home, who also would serve as our one stop shopping after the presentation. Working with the hostess beforehand, we came up with a theme evening “game night.” One of the games was – anyone caught crossing their legs during the presentation has to drink! Believe me, when some of the toys came out, about half of us had to drink! Also, I arranged with my other guests to pay for all of the bride-to-be’s purchases (budget of $250) as a gift from all of us.

Here’s the best part about this: I didn’t have to pay a cent to hire the Fantasia Consultant! In fact, not only was it free for the presentation, I received a percent discount on all my purchases just for hosting the night. On top of that – because our combined purchases were over a certain amount, I was given a bonus gift – which I’m too embarrassed to tell you what it was! That’s for me to know!

If you are still cloudy about all this, here is a Fantasia Party defined: An adult sex toy party hosted in your own home. Fantasia Parties are for persons over 18. Usually, but not always, they are a girls only event, but you can make it whatever you want – like my stagette game night. Fantasia Parties are a safe, fun, intimate way to explore a sometimes ignored part of your sensuality. These are not sex parties! Your Fantasia Hostess is trained and knowledgeable about all the products you will see. The presentation is informative, funny, and liberating. Your guests will go home with a renewed vitality and lust for adventure in the bedroom. Exploring our sexuality is not only healthy, but something that we all deserve to feel good about.

Anyway, enough of the sales pitch! I’m telling you all this because we had so much fun. It was just right to put us all in the mood to go out afterwards for my girlfriends last night out as an unmarried sex kitten. The funniest part of the whole experience was how uneducated we all were about these products! Now that I’ve seen, touched, and tasted so many new things, I can’t wait to host my next one, and see what crazy new and different stuff shows up.

So, now she is happily married. It’s been almost six months, and everything seems great with her. The other day her new husband (who I’ve know for three years now) came up to me and thanked me for hosting that Fantasia Party Stagette. “Oh, your welcome,” I said, “but please don’t tell me anything more… I don’t want to know any details!” We laughed. The truth is – I already know everything from her. She was so excited about some of the adult toys, lotions, and lingerie she took home – she just had to tell me! Ugh! Too much information…

Anyway – Fantasia Home Parties are a great idea for an event like the one I just told you about, or just as a fun weeknight party – no occasion necessary. Your guests will thank you for sending them home with no many less unanswered questions, and a brown bag full of bedroom fun!

Source by Jamie-Lynne Kennedy

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