Fan art for Daughter

Not sure where to post this or make this request, but figured I’d start here.

We have a 2 year old with Sleep Apnea, and hypotonia, who is supposed to be using oxygen with a nasal cannula. I’m sure those with toddlers can imagine how hard this would be to get them to keep a cannula in their nose. We have had zero luck with this unfortunately. We are 3 weeks into trying to desensitize her to the cannula through pictures and play, but it’s plateauing.

My daughter is obsessed with Frozen, to her all Disney is Frozen. My wife had an idea, that it would be really cool if we could get a picture of Anna or Elsa wearing nasal Cannulas. So we are taking to the internet to see if their are any talented artists who would be willing to share their talent to help our sweet little girl on her oxygen adventure. Bonus points if you add Bilateral AFOs (braces she wears on her ankles).

At a time of so much tension, it would be wonderful if we could find some love from a talented internet stranger to help with this struggle. Thank you in advance, and if anyone else has recommendations on where I could post this, please let me know.

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