Famous Morocco Pavilion wall has undergone some changes

Famous Morocco Pavilion wall has undergone some changes

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Morocco Pavilion Wall

Morocco Pavilion wall has gone under the knife so to speak. If Thor was part of the construction crew it would have been a Mohelnyr, of course, if he was there, he could make me Thor thinking about it. Look you and I both know where this article is going. Straight into the gutter, so I will do my best to stop giggling like a teenager and be as professional as possible.

The Morocco Pavilion at Epcot has received a lot of unwanted attention due to the fact the wall in question is very…um…shaped like, well let us try and be civil here a tallywhacker? phallic? um…family jewels, Jim and the Twins? Yes, let’s go with that. It appears all the attention was noticed by Disney and they quickly went about covering the “offensive” structure. When the Pavilion was reopened the other day, a new wall with a door had magically been constructed. It went from Outy to Inny. The old Jim and the Twins wall had been reassigned, sorry meant redesigned. Lorena Bobbit had come for a visit? Blue Chew ran its course? It always identified as a door? (Thanks Instagram fans!)

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We were at the wall in question today and got a few photos of the new non-offensive wall. Seriously though, this could have lasted a lot longer than it did and we could have had fun, but someone had to spoil it. We do take some of that responsibility for mentioning the wall once or twice prior. Plus letting people post about it on our Facebook page.

Morocco Wall

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Disney was bound to notice all the giggling at some point, and truly they are right in this case. It is a Family Vacation destination! Not for us immature, sophomoric, callow, childish, unsophisticated, or morally corrupted wonderful people. You brought us many jokes. RIP

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