Everything you need to know about the heart-warming toy rehoming program

Everything you need to know about the heart-warming toy rehoming program

Set your pre-loved toys up for a brand new adventure

If there’s one thing that Disney.Pixar’s Toy Story has taught us, it’s that there’s always a kid in need of a toy to love– or shall we say a best friend. We might have been sobbing into our popcorn when Andy gifted Bonnie all his cherished toys, but ultimately we realised that toys are meant for love and not for gathering dust in the corner of our room. Now, thanks to Toy Well, we have a chance to follow in Andy’s brave footsteps and send our own toys on a new adventure. In celebration of Toy Story 4, opening in cinemas on the 20th June, Disney.Pixar has partnered with Reading Cinemas and Save The Children to share our pre-loved toys to kids in need around Australia. So, not only do you get to see Toy Story 4, you can deliver a new friend to someone who really needs one. Look out for the carnival themed toy stand at any Reading Cinemas.

Not quite sure if you can let go of any of your favourite toys? We understand, it’s hard, but here’s six things the Toy Story gang has taught us that might just help change your mind.

Inspired to send your pre-loved toys on a new adventure? Head in to your local Reading Cinemas from 20 June until 21 July.  It is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Check the donation list to make sure your toy is adventure ready.
  2. Find your nearest Reading cinema and buy your tickets to Disney.Pixar’s Toy Story 4.
  3. Keep your eyes peeled for the carnival themed toy donation box in the foyer.

For further information on Save the Children’s Toy Well program. Visit their website

For any toys received that might not be in the right condition for a new adventure, the team at TerraCycle will give the toys a new life by recycling them into fun products like picnic tables, park benches, frisbees and even playgrounds. It’s the first program of its kind in Australia and proves that playtime is never really over for any toy. Find out more

Toy Story 4 is opening in Australian cinemas on 20 June. Get your tickets now

The Toy Story 4 Toy Rehoming Project begins on June 20 and runs for the duration of the July school holidays or until the goal of 10,000 quality pre-loved toys are collected.

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