Even Monsters Need Love

My husband and I recently saw the off Broadway play in New York City “Frankenstein: A New Musical”. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrote her story of “Frankenstein” in 1816 during a cold, wet, and dreary summer. She was with her husband Percy Shelley, the poet, and George Byron their friend. The Frankenstein Musical adds to the story with the music of Eric B. Sirota, Ph.D., composer, playwright, physicist, and research scientist. Dr. Sirota saw the short-lived Frankenstein on Broadway in 1981 and said “I re-read the book and heard the story sing in my head as a musical.”

As I was watching “Frankenstein: A New Musical” unfold, I saw the creator, Dr. Frankenstein, view the creature he had created in his own image, with horror and fright. He wanted the creature gone!

Dr. Frankenstein did not welcome his new creation, as one would welcome their new baby with love, hugs, kisses, and smiles. When new babies are born they have only “blank pages”! My Mom always said, “Be careful what you write on them!”

Dr. Frankenstein was immediately fearful of his creature from the first time it got off the table from underneath the sheet draped over him.

“The creature” from the beginning of his life saw only “fear” in the eyes of his creator.

Dr. Frankenstein wanted “the creature” to go away and he did. It fled! From that moment on, when people came in contact with him, they were frightened when they looked at his face. He felt frightened and threatened. He protected himself by killing the person that threatened him!

It didn’t have to be like this! If Dr. Frankenstein had “loved and hugged” his creation from the start, the creature’s life would have been different!

Love makes all the difference in the world to others!

If the creature had been loved, hugged, and cared for from it’s first moment of life, like a newborn, he would have been happy, content and sure of himself.

Love makes all the difference!

As a small child I always remember my Momma smiling, hugging, and kissing me. No matter what happened in my young life, I knew she loved me and I mattered to her. She spent time with me and I knew she cared!

The creature never received the caring he needed from his creator, Dr. Frankenstein! If it had instead been loved, his face would have looked better. He might have even looked handsome with the scars. When we are loved hugged kissed, and cared for, we are happier people who care about and can love others also.

Every person, even a monster, needs someone to love and care for them. If they feel love, they are happy, they can smile, and their faces change, becoming even beautiful when they are not!

If you look in the mirror and change your frown into a smile you look 100% better! Try it! When we are loved we look better, feel better, and are happier!

In all of life we have a choice. Give others love, hugs, and care for them or make them terrified and afraid of us just like “the creature”.

Think of classic bullies in literature like Shakespeare’s character Iago in the play “Othello” and Darth Vader in the movie “Star Wars”. These men became bullies because they were “unloved and uncared for!

By being loved and cared for, the picture changes inside of us, whether we are a person, a monster, or an animal.

Everyone living thing needs love!

Love makes the deference!

There is no substitute for love!

Former NFL Football player, Bill Glass, for many years had a ministry in prisons. After talking with thousands of men in prisons individually he said, “He had never talked to a man in prison that truly loved their father. Most of them hated their fathers and they took out their hatred on themselves, drugs and alcohol, and the rest of society.”

Ninety three percent of these inmates had these feelings.

Zig Ziegler says, through history and today, “the Jewish father says to his son, whether the boy is three years old, thirty years old, or sixty years old he is still a son.”

Step one: “Bless you my son.”

Step two: “I love you my son.”

Step three: “Then he gives his son a big ol’ hug and in many cases, all of their lives, a big ol’ kiss.”

Many other cultures give this devotion as well.

For this New Year, what one thing can you do to make the world a better place for you, your family, friends, your family pets and others?

Show others you care by smiling, loving, hugging, and spending time with them to show your care and how special they are to you!

Say something nice to them. Make them feel welcome.

Love them and hold them tight. Lift them up. Don’t drag them down! Show them love, respect, and appreciation.

Be like Mother Theresa not like Darth Vader! Love others.

Source by Madeline Frank

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