Emperor’s New Groove deserves more recognition.

From as long as I can remember Emperor’s New Groove has been my top favorite movie. It’s the reason why llamas and alpacas are my favorite animals. People always say never ever revisit a movie from your childhood, but I come back to this movie about once or twice a week. It’s not only so important for kids, because the whole dang movie is about empathy and growth, but it’s about a spoiled prince who gets turned into a llama (I mean come on? How can anyone not be entertained???). There’s just so much in that movie that I love and I know so many others definitely feel the same. All the characters are entertaining and have funny bits that add to the whole experience. I think too many people either don’t know this movie exists or haven’t seen it enough to realize it’s greatness. Definitely a hidden gem. And if you disagree? Well beware the groove. (just kidding you all have awesome opinions of your own!)

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