Do you think they should Reboot Pirates of the Caribbean ?

The Pirates franchise has certainly lost a lot of its luster over the years atleast as far as film goes. I was a huge fan of the movies as a kid but only remember the first three at all. I would kill to see the franchise revitalised, I have some cool ideas for a soft reboot of the series. Essentially keeping all the movies canon but treating the movie like a fresh start where new fans can come in not knowing anything and still have a good time. Some ideas for this hypothetical film I’m pitching is to have it focused around a young merchant who is kidnapped by Jack Sparrow and during the story grows to love the pirate life style and becomes the new lead for future films with Jack either dying or becoming a mentor figure. The Villian could be Captain Kidd who is obsessed with collecting the worlds treasures and starts a Pirate Civil war. The idea isn’t totally thought out but I think it’s a cool idea. If I’m lucky I might be able to direct it myself one day. Anyway what do you think of my idea or just the idea of rebooting Pirates.

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