Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book is Coming This Summer

Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book is Coming This Summer

The Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book

Many of us grew up on Little Golden Books. They’re a childhood classic and they marry with Disney stories perfectly. Stories like “Tangled” and “Peter Pan” have already been honored with their books, but recently another type of tale has joined the ranks: Disney rides!

“It’s a Small World” and “Jungle Cruise” are already available on Amazon. Full disclosure: they’re adorable. Now a fan favorite is being immortalized. It’s “Disney’s The Haunted Mansion!” For $5.99 you can already pre-order this instant classic on Amazon. It will be released on July 13th and will be delivered that same day to those who have Amazon Prime.

According to Amazon’s description “It’s easy to get into the Haunted Mansion… but can you find your way out? Join the Ghost Host and search your way through all the creep-tastic rooms of Disney Parks’ Haunted Mansion-from the ominous Séance Room, to the ghoulish party in Grand Hall, to the attic that holds many scary secrets. Perfect for Disney and Little Golden Book fans of all ages, this spooky story is great for Halloween or anytime. The book will be available in time for Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021, allowing you to celebrate no matter where you are!”

The book is geared towards children aged 2 to 5 years old. It won’t be too scary for your little ones! If you like other Little Golden Books, it’s time to expand your collection! Will you be pre-ordering “The Haunted Mansion?”

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