Disney Song Lyrics Game

Okay, I’m going to type the lyrics to Disney songs except they are butchered / too literal / Shakespearean. You have to guess the song. If you need a hint comment the song number and I’ll reply with another made up line for that song. This will probably be pretty easy.

1. ” Let us descend towards employment to overthrow…”

2. “Oh, I cannot contain my excitement for the day of my father’s death…”

3. “ I desire to be amongst bipedal creatures who trot along on things that I do not know the words for…”

4.“ I may present to you the globe. Polished, glistening, impressive…”

5. “ I have been gazing in the direction of the boundary of vast liquid for eternity, uncertain as to why.”

6. “Be our accommodated patron, for our servitude is in question. ”

7. “can you experience the ambience of affection this evening?”

8. “Be not attached, be not attached. I am unified with the breeze and heavens”

9. “Infatuation is an agape entrance”

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