Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro talks about the future of Disney

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro talks about the future of Disney

Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary this October 1. There are so many new and exciting experiences coming to Disney parks this year but Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro is thinking about the future. D’Amaro spoke to CNN Business about the next 50 years for Disney parks around the world.

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“It’s going to be fresh, it’s going to be technology-ridden. It’s going to be incredibly relevant to guests all around the world,” the Disney Parks chairman told CNN Business. “Every single day, these parks are changing.”

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D’Amaro said Disney will continue to be the magic that guests expect and protect Walt Disney’s legacy while also invite brand new guests into the Disney world, infuse brand new character and intellectual property into the parks, and look at new technologies that will make the park experience even better.

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D’Amaro was also asked about the synergy between Disney+ and the Disney theme parks. “I think that as the Disney company continues to see such huge success with Disney+, and as you see new intellectual properties start to materialize -— whether that be in the world of Marvel or the Imagineers creating something incredibly new and interesting — that is the Disney difference. We will bring those things together to take to the world in a different way,” D’Amaro said. Just like Disney theme park attractions inspire film and TV and film and TV inspire the parks, Disney+ will likewise inspire the parks and vice versa.

New technologies are coming to the Disney parks. The park pass reservation system and mobile order are already in use and seem to be here to stay. When Avengers Campus opens in Disney California Adventure, guests will see new technology layered into the attractions, merchandise, and food venues. According to D’Amaro, Disney will essentially be able to make their physical footprint new every day. So, a guest could experience the same land or food venue one day and it would be completely different the next.

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Disney Parks laid off 30,000 Cast Members last fall. Over 10,000 Cast Members are returning to work at the Disneyland Resort and D’Amaro says Walt Disney World is continuing to bring back Cast Members. “These cast members, they are the heart and soul with everything that we do here. I care passionately about them,” D’Amaro told CNN Business.

Disney has had to make changes and adapt to being open during the pandemic. While D’Amaro did not say if any of Disney’s rules or guidelines will be changing or relaxed, he did say, “As that world changes and guidelines change, we’ll edit our operations and continue to accelerate into the future.”

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