Disney Infinity Brings Characters to Life!

Disney Interactive’s upcoming Disney Infinity video game, a physical/game world split-reality platformer being developed by Avalanche Software for release in mid-August later this year, will offer players a unique Disney/Pixar spin on the concept of action figures using Near Field Communication (NFC) integrated within video games. Following the groundbreaking success of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure toys-and-game model, Disney Infinity will feature its beloved characters and exciting new ways to play and create.

Into Infinity

Each copy of Infinity comes with a three-pack of collectible physical toys, modeled after popular properties from the Disney/Pixar library. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, and Sully from Monsters Inc/University can be placed two at a time on the included “portal” board, which reads radio-frequency identification (RFID) in the figurines to bring them into the game.

Once the characters enter Play Set Mode on screen, only actual characters from the universe selected can interact with the story’s game world. Sully, for example, can’t enter Jack’s Play Set. Every self-contained Play Set is unique to its source, and the gameplay draws from elements familiar to fans, such as the world of crime-fighting superheroes for Incredibles characters or pirate ships for Captain Sparrow to pillage.

Toy Box mode, on the other hand, is a wild free-for-all where any of the available characters and unlockable elements (trains, space ships, race cars) can interact in one space and create appropriate mayhem. Players can also customize their in-game world using “power discs”, stackable chips that can alter the environment, add vehicles to the game, or boost character stats for an upcoming battle. In addition, players can even mod the game world using their own imagination and the creative tools available. Game rules and levels will be easy to customize, with players actually able to program how the saved game mode plays.

And Beyond

The highly collectible nature and cross-branded accessibility of the game extends to player-created levels published by Disney Interactive, which will be available across every gaming platform, even if created on one different from the end user. The game’s name even hints at the future possibilities for what the publisher sees as a new content-delivery platform – with no end in sight to the massive popularity of the Disney/Pixar franchises, and more inbound, Infinity could live up to its name with new releases for the indefinite future.

Source by Jason Forthofer

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