Disney considers eliminating monthly payments for Disneyland annual passes

Disney considers eliminating monthly payments for Disneyland annual passes

Disneyland recently suspended its Annual Passholder program. While that is sad news, the parks are looking into a replacement membership program. With that new program, Disneyland is considering discontinuing monthly payments for annual passes.

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Disneyland has been sending surveys to passholders to determine the most popular options for a new membership program. One of the questions on the survey is: “Imagine that monthly payments were no longer available at the Disneyland Resort in California. Which of the following best describes what you would have done?

  • Would NOT have a pass
  • Would keep the pass but TRADE DOWN to a less expensive version
  • Would KEEP the pass and stay at the same level”

Allowing monthly payments for annual passes has been blamed for a surge in overcrowding at Disneyland.

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“Cheap monthly payments have driven record attendance throughout the industry, as many fans who feel priced out of daily tickets end up (somewhat ironically) finding annual passes a more affordable deal,” wrote Robert Niles, a Southern California News Group theme park columnist. “That’s especially true at Disneyland, where reportedly more than a million Southern Californians have bought Disneyland Resort annual passes.”

The introduction of monthly payments was the tipping point for Disneyland’s crowding issues according to Blooploop’s Lance Hart. With the budget-friendly monthly payments, many Southern Californian’s felt it was worth the cost to be able to visit Disneyland whenever they wanted.

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“From here Disneyland found itself with a bit of a problem,” wrote Hart. “Crowd levels at the California theme parks had now surged to the point where there was really no longer a slow season for Disneyland or California Adventure. Tourists arriving from afar who may have tried to plan a trip to visit in what they thought was a slower season were often shocked at how crowded the park was, no matter what time of year they would visit.”

We are very interested to see what the new Disneyland membership program will look like.

Source: OC Register

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