Cute Valentines Gifts For Kids

Trying to find that perfect little gift to make this Valentine’s Day an extra special one for your child? Valentine’s isn’t just for adults; this holiday celebrates everyone that we love. Valentine’s Day gifts for kids a great way to show kids that they’re appreciated. Here are a few gift ideas to help your kids have an extra special day.

Girls dress up costumes are a great way to make your little girl’s day extra special. Does she love princess Disney costumes? Brands like Little Adventures make Cinderella princess dresses, Snow White princess dresses, and other princess Disney costumes. If you’re thinking of getting your little girl some girls dress up costumes for Valentine’s Day, make sure the dress you choose is a comfortable one. Little Adventures makes sure all seams and hems are finished. Another thing to look at is how the dress is put on. Some princess Disney costumes have zippers, buttons, and ties. If the Cinderella princess dress is too difficult for your little girl to put on by herself, or if the Snow White princess dress makes her itch, your little girl won’t want to wear it. Check the label and see if this dress, like the Little Adventures girls dress up costumes, is button and tie free.

Accessories are another cute gift for little girls. A Cinderella princess needs long gloves and a Snow White princess needs a bow. Small accessories can enhance your little girls existing princess Disney costumes, as well as make it more fun for her to play in her current girls dress up costumes. A simple necklace or bracelet will also light up her eyes as an accessory that she can wear daily. Perhaps mother and daughter can have a matching article of jewelry for Valentine’s! She’d feel so grown up with an accessory that matched her Mom’s.

What to do for the boys? Little Adventures makes superhero capes, pirate costumes, and racecar jackets for the boys that enjoy imaginative play. Getting a boy involved in creative play will help him nurture his imagination. Boys love Lego sets, which also encourage imaginative play.

Cars and action figures are the usual thoughts for small boy present. A cute Valentine’s Day present would be to surprise him with a red tie and a red car, or some silly red socks or a neat new belt. These gifts, by way of color, tie in better to Valentine’s Day. If you want to go with a traditional car as a small gift, try putting the cars or action figures in red and white balloons in your son’s room. He will have to pop them to get the toys out! You can even do this with Lego sets, if the little boy is old enough to prevent losing the small pieces.

Both boys are girls enjoy acting silly. Valentine’s shoelaces, watches, or silly headbands will help bring that goofy side out of your child. For more introverted kids, try puzzles or books with a handwritten note showing your appreciation.

The best gift you can give your kids is your time. Surprise them with movies tickets to the new movie they’ve wanted to see, or take the time to cook a fancy breakfast before school and sit down and eat with them. Kids enjoy a fancy meal with a balloon tied to their chair, a small chocolate beside their plate, and a parent who takes the time to sit and talk with them. A handwritten card can explain that they are loved, but most kids prefer one on one time or a special family outing.

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