Curious about these Disney ads I found

Curious about these Disney ads I found

My fiancee saw these Disney ads at a local thrift store and loved how they looked. We bought them and brought them home, but I can’t find anything about them online. I’m just curious about where they came from. I’ve included photos at the bottom of the post.

They’re small versions of the posters with a cream border. They have the release date on the bottom and a number on the left/right side. I don’t know what the number means. I assume it means they’re part of a series but that’s just a guess. If anybody has some idea of what they were for, please let me know.

Here are the numbers and photos:

[Lion King – 86](
[Hunchback of Notre Dame – 88](
[Hercules – 89](
[Beauty and the Beast – 93](

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